Located in the South East part of London, East Dulwich is a calm and peaceful residential area. Here in this small British town, you will get a combination of both village lifestyle and modern city lifestyles. The area takes pride in its trendy pubs, lavish restaurants, fashion, shops, street food stalls, antique furniture shops, and so on. Here you can get a quick bite of burgers, curries, sushi, etc. whenever you want. The place is also known for its wonderful picnic spots, adventure playgrounds, art galleries, museums, and so on. Many people come to this small town during the annual Dulwich festival fair. To accommodate all these people, East Dulwich features a thriving homestay or hotel industry. It has been seen that lately, people prefer choosing short-stay accommodations instead of hotel rooms while on vacation or work trips.

Choosing homestay over hotel rooms in East Dulwich

If you are coming to visit East Dulwich with family, it will be a wise decision for you to book a two bedroom flat East Dulwich instead of hotel room. Let’s explore the reasons behind it.

  • Here, you can get an opportunity to try everything local. To taste the true essence of this area, you can decide to stay at a homestay with the local family as well.           
  • Unlike hotel rooms, this type of independent accommodation can provide you a genuine ‘home away from home’ vibe with your free Wi-Fi, flat-screen, television, and kitchenette. You can feel right at home in such properties all the time.
  • You can leave or come back to these accommodations whenever you want. There is absolutely no restrictions like hotel rooms.
  • You can prepare a home-cooked meal with local ingredients in this two bedroom flat East Dulwich. You can even try their secret recipes whenever you want in your well-equipped kitchen.
  • In such short-stay accommodations, there will be no one disturbing you in the name of room service. You will get absolute serenity along with quality time with yourself and your family. 
  • In such properties, you can invite your chatty folk and spend time with them in meaningful conversations. You can even invite pets to these properties with the prior permission of the owner.
  • Last but not least, the two bedroom flat East Dulwich will be much more affordable to you compared to any such hotel room of similar space. If you stay longer in such accommodations, you can save more money.

So, if you are coming to East Dulwich any time soon you should book yourself something like Dulwich Grove Apartments. In such properties, you will get everything starting from free private parking, patio to Flatscreen satellite TV. So, don’t wait any longer. Book yourself a stay in this two bedroom flat East Dulwich.